Here is our discussion board and video on the Landings Project:

The Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition hosted a presentation about the Landings Project. Speakers presented reasons for and against this project. This was an opportunity to inform yourself about this issue that you will be voting on in the November 2020 election.

Questions to ask presenters were emailed to  Thank you for your help with these questions.

• Against – Elizabeth Drayer, Environmental Attorney (Ret.)
• Informational – Bryan Beckman, Vice-Chair Suncoast Sierra Club, Florida Chapter, Suncoast Group
• For – Brigiia Shouppe – Strategic Communications
• For – Kyle Parker – B2Communications

Informational Links
2020 Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition Landings Presentation Package
Clearwater Greenprint
Clearwater Economic Development Plan
City Council Discussion – “Redevelopment of the Landings Golf Course Site”

Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition