A Weekly Update About Something You Can Do While the Florida Legislature is in Session

January 19, 2022

SB 518:  Residential Home Protection

In 2019, the Florida Legislature passed a law that banned local governments from enforcing many of their tree ordinances. This left cities and counties powerless to protect healthy trees from people with less than good intentions. The law led to abuses, including the clear-cutting of land and the removal of healthy trees that presented little, if any, risk to people or buildings.  This is a Home Rule issue affecting the environment, the aesthetics of our neighborhoods and our beautiful trees.
The Solution
FL Senate Bill  518, that puts tree removal and trimming back into the hands of local government not distant Tallahassee lawmakers, cleared its first committee yesterday. 
Next, it must pass in the Senate Government Oversight & Accountability Committee. Lucky for us, a local legislator, Senator Jeff Brandes chairs this committee.
How You Can Help
Please call his local office at 563-2100 and/or send a quick email to say:  I want my city to be able to regulate tree removal.   Please put the tree trimming bill on your next committee agenda.
Here’s his email address: brandes.jeff.web@flsenate.gov
Thank you for your advocacy!

Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition