Years ago, the Florida Legislature passed a law prohibiting local governments from setting up smoke-free areas at public parks and beaches. As ridiculous as it is, Clearwater cannot stop someone from smoking in the dugout of a Little League field. We also can’t keep cigarette butts off our beaches. This is an issue that affects the environment, health, welfare of children, the economy and tourism AND it’s a Home Rule issue.

The Solution

There are two new bills, HB105 and SB 224, that empowers local voices to make local choices about smoking at public parks and beaches. But before the Legislature can make it a law, the bills must go through the committee process.

HB105 passed the House Professions & Public Health Subcommittee on January 25th and now needs to be heard in the Environment, Agriculture & Flooding Subcommittee  

SB224 next needs to pass the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee

How You Can Help

By Friday Jan. 28th, please send two quick emails that say:

I want my city to be able to regulate smoking in public places.

Please put the public smoking bill on your next committee agenda. 

Here are the two email addresses:  

Thank you for your advocacy!

Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition